Passports 4 Success

Version 3 - Grade 1 to 9 New GCSE Passports can be found here. 


Version 2: Legacy GCSE New Style Passports can be found here


Version 1 - The original passports


I originally stumbled upon Maths Passports when searching for ideas for departmental displays. I was lucky enough to find lots of pictures on twitter and came across Mr Collins Blog. I took the idea of the passports and edited them to make it work for my school. The videos link to several youtube maths tutorials, which I am hoping to gradually change with videos of my own. (Pupils seem to prefer videos made by their own teacher). I have also attempted to incorporate @MathedUp's passport mats within the design. (Click here for more passport mats)

Students in year 11 are encouraged to collect their passports and scan for success within the Maths department. As a final push to help students get on board and reach their target grades revision guides have been created with a focus on GCSE grades C, B and A*/A.  The guides direct students to video tutorials and questions on the key topics for each grade. Once a student has completed a section they are to get the passport stamped off, providing evidence of work to their class teacher.

The aim is for all year 11 students will fly to success and reach their final destination of their aspirational grade.

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Danielle Bartram

Maths Lead Practitioner

Acklam Grange School