GCSE Maths Passport Revision Resources

Version 3 - Grade 1 to 9 New GCSE Passports can be found here. 

Version 2 - Legacy GCSE Maths Passports Grades A* to G

The new maths GCSE passports are a resource designed to encourage students to have independence of their revision. However the maths GCSE passport resources also provides direction for the students about how to revise maths, which maths topics to revise and where to look for maths resources. Commonly students struggle to be able to correctly revise mathematics. Many believe reading through a revision guide is enough no matter how many times you tell the students the need to complete maths questions. 

After a lot of rethinking last year, I decided to take the GCSE maths passport resource one step further. They focus on both numeracy and maths skills. I was lucky enough to be given a little time to be able to develp the new passports when I moved schools last year. We launched them with a very cheesy assembly to year 11 and placed incentives behind the students completing them such as an iPad prize draw for every completed passport. 

The new maths GCSE passport resources are more detailed than ever before. Instead of there being only three passports there are now five. the new maths passports support students with basic numeracy skills up to the complex mathematical concepts. They are seperated into GCSE grades A/A*, B, C1, C2, C3. 

Passport Break Down

Passports A/A*, B and C1  resrouces have been designed to help those students taking higher GCSE maths (specifically edexcel)

Passports C2 (D to C) C3 (G to C) resources have been designed to help those students taking foundation GCSE maths (specifically OCR)

New Maths Passports

Students need to work through each topic. The maths passports resource link to both support videos and practise questions. (These are links to Corbett Maths, Hegarty Maths and Diagnostic Questions)

The students need to provide evidence thet have done these tasked and answered the exam style question on the maths passport. If you are happy a student has completed the topic then you sign it off. This allows you to have a way to check up on the students revision and there revision practices.

Tracking Progress

I like to keep track of students in a simple spreadsheet of which maths passports and topics they have completed. This also gives me data I can easily provide to parents and tutors to help them support the student.



Traveling Quizes 

Each new maths passports also includes four traveling quizes. The categories are;

  • Number 
  • Geometry
  • Data Handling 
  • Algebra

These provide students opportunities to attempt topics which may not have appeared in the passport but which are just as relevant. 


So it's time for students to collect their maths air miles by completing the new maths gcse passport revision resources. 

Higher Maths GCSE Resource



Foundation Maths GCSE Resource



I Hope you find these resources useful.

For the old passports and display resources click here. 

Miss B

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  • Danielle - thank you so much for the energy, effort and ideas you throw out to us. I am in my last few years of teaching, but never stop looking for new applications amd ideas. You are an inspiration :-) I have passed your link and so many of your ideas/resources on to others in my faculty and at other schools. You better come to Australia for some conferences - I'll always have a spare room & a wine free.

    from New South Wales, Australia
  • Wow thank you very much for your very kind words. I wish I could come to some Australian conferences, I've never been asked to speak abroad yet but never say never. I would love to visit places around the world, would you believe I've never been on a plane.

    I hope your last few years of teaching are enjoyable and memorable.

  • Guest - Terri Ridings

    Thank you so much. I was struggling to find different ways to motivate my year 11's then I stumbled across your website and my year 11's have a renewed energy to revising.
    Thanks again.

  • Really glad you have found these resources useful. I hope you take a look around the site and revision resources too.

  • Thank you for sharing.:D

  • Guest - Richard

    Will you be putting together a passport for the new GCSE 2017 exam, with AQA specifications?

    Many thanks, Richard

  • Hello,

    The aim will to be create something very similar to this for the new GCSE examinations. It's on my summer project list.

    Danielle ( AKA Miss B)

  • These resources are simply awesome. Thank you so much for sharing:).
    Bit late for this year but I will be incorporating these passports into my year 11 planning next year!!

  • Guest - Matthew Fox

    Wow, these are amazing! Are you happy for me to use them at my school?

  • Hello,

    They are available to be downloaded and printed for use in school with students. I hope they help.

    Danielle (Miss B)

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