Algebra Skill Review

These maths resources include bronze, silver and gold maths tasks for the end of a module or revision. They are ideal for use for students who are in their maths GCSE years, as they are based around exam style maths questions. These resources are to be used as an aid to review maths skills, see how far you can get within an appropriate time limit. (10 - 20 minutes usually). These maths resources should challenge and stretch students on a topic as either pre or post assessment.

The newer skill reviews I have been making try to focus in on the separate AO1 (Calculate), AO2 (Reasoning) and AO3 (Problem Solving) maths Skills. Last year I focused on creating skill review maths worksheets on the new maths GCSE Topics, such as Functions and Iteration. Most maths skill review sheets have answers already provided. However some of the older maths resources don't. If you have a completed set of answers for any of the older maths skill reviews and are happy for me to share them please email them to me.


Working with Algebra
Solving Equations
Simultaneous Equations by Elimination
Simultaneous Equations by Substitution
Changing the subject
Harder Functions
Linear Sequences
Quadratic Sequences
Area Underneath a Curve
Gradient as a Rate of Change
Expand and Simplify
Expanding Quadratics
Expanding Cubics
Collecting Like Terms
Index Notation
Factorising Linear Expressions
Factorising Quadratic Expressions
Factorise and Solve Quadratics
Quadratic Formula
Completing the Square
Algebraic Fractions
Drawing Linear Graphs
Drawing a Quadratic Graph
Interpreting Quadratic Graphs
Equation of a Line
Equation of Parallel Lines
Equation of Perpendicular Lines

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