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Numeracy Tip Mats

I have spent time creating Numeracy4All mats on the topics I feel appear across the curriculum on a regular basis. Apologies if I missed any. 
I have split the mats into the maths categories students will recognise. 

  • Number 
  • Shape, Space and Measure
  • Algebra 
  • Data Handling

This resources is to support teachers and students in the mathematical methods and processes involved within the skills. When completing numeracy tasks related with one of the four areas place the relevant laminated mats on the students desks, these will work as a self help guide. 
To download click on the relevant images below. 



Morning Form Time Activities

Both students and teachers get frustrated with the lack of structure and useable resources for non-specialists. So within my NQT year I started to create mathematical activities for pupils to complete in their set numeracy time within Morning Form Time. Again these are a work in progress and I like to think at the moment the KS3 is developed a lot further than KS4 due to the structure of Morning Form Time within my school. KS4 is however on my to do list. As always this page is a work in progress.

KS3 Numeracy Booklet

Maths Videos can be found from the
Chris Moyles Quiz Night.
Tier 1 - Common everyday words
Tier 2 - Cross Curricula Academic Words
Tier 3 - Specific Technical Words
Click the image below to download the PDF.

KS4 Numeracy Booklet

Click the image below to download the PDF.

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