Expanding Brackets

Association with students using the claw method and the alien. I've now got a giant 3D claw coming out of my display and students often refer to it as "oo the claw one" when and expansion question appears on the board.

Expanding Brackets, using the claw method. 

Inequality Street

The idea for inequality street came from my PGCE year when I visited Excelsior Academy. The maths teacher there converted quality street tins to inequality tins and the pupils used to get their questions out of the tins.

Inequality Street, solving inequalities.


Four Rules of Fractions

Fractions Display

There are three different computations shown in this display, to try and help the students remember methods easily forgotten. 

Dividing Fractions - KFC 
Keep the first 
Flip the second 
Change the Sign 

Multiplying Fractions - Bob the Builder 
Times the Tops (Cross arms in air while singing)
Times the Bottoms (Cross arms in lower and wiggle bottom while singing)

Add and Subtract Fractions without a Common Denominator - X Factor
Box  the fractions
Identify what you need to multiply each fraction by
Times each fraction so your denominator is the same


Up Level It

Useable displays within any classroom are a must. Last year I saw on twitter a classroom with a 'Up Level' your language display. This got me think to how I could apply this concept in my classroom. 

I realised I had rather impractical necessity in my room of lockers and developed my own differentiated two way table on there. With levels and topics, this is great for when a pupil has finished and you need a quick new challenge for them. My students are now well aware that they go to the up levelling it wall.

Up Level It


Tier Word Display

Tier Word Display

#Literacy4All whole school language 
Tier 1 - Common everyday words
Tier 2 - Cross Curricula Academic Words
Tier 3 - Specific Technical Words

Download Keywords


Number lines

Horizontal Number Line

Click the images to download either file. 

Vertical Number line

Horizontal Number line

Vertical Number Line


shape Bunting 

I created the shape bunting display to go into every classroom within the department, which can be seen in the images. This involves key facts that students are required to know and also involves key spellings of the words. This can be downloaded as simple flags or as the shapes themselves.

The bunting soon took off and I have the following deviations to share created by other teachers.

Mr Paul Collins (@MrPRColins) after using the shape bunting above has kindly provided the content for a formula and theorem version, which I have edited up a little with his permision. This version can be found below.

Mrs Deborah Barakat(@MrsMathia) has kindly put together teacher bunting for displaying in staffrooms as a handy prompt for teachers when planning.


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