Data Handling

Every child should have access to a good education, tailored to their individual needs.I have tried to supply a range of resources to support teachers in developing students to achieve their full potentail. 

Data Handling Topics and Resources

TopicsWorksheetsHomeworksSkill ReviewsExam QuestionsOther
Probability of an Event Homework Exam Questions 
Probability of Not an Event Homework Exam Questions 
Expected Probability   Exam Questions 
Relative Probability   Exam Questions 
Sample Space Diagrams   Exam Questions 
Freqency Trees  Skill Review  
Probability Tree - Independent Events  Skill ReviewExam Questions 
Probability Tree - Dependent Events  Skill ReviewExam Questions 
Venn Diagram - Shading  Skill ReviewExam Questions 
Venn Diagram - Set Notation  Skill Review  
Venn Diagram - Probability  Skill ReviewExam Questions 
AveragesWorksheet  Exam Questions 
Reverse Averages   Exam Questions 
Averages from a TableWorksheet  Ungrouped
Mean from a TableWorksheet  Ungrouped
Murder Mystery
Pictograms    Revision
Tallys and Charts   Exam QuestionsRevision
Two Way Tables     
Pie Charts    Revision
Exam DOH
Scatter Graphs     
Frequency polygons     
Cumulative FrequencyWorksheet  Exam Questions 
Box PlotsWorksheet  Exam Questions 
Histograms - DrawingWorksheet  Exam Questions 
Histograms - interpretingWorksheet  Exam Questions 


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