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Many students struggle to revise mathematics; the most common methods students use are to only look at topics they can do and complete 20 of the same question. Students also have a habit to only read and rewrite out their notes. This section is to provide ideas on how to help your students revise and also some resource that may encourage even the most reluctant of students. 

The key advice I give all students I teach is to make sure revision doesn't turn into a chore, maths should be fun. To do this I recomend students break down topics and tackle on a basis of two topics they need to work on with one they need to refresh; this means students keep up a postitive mental level with the success of the refresher topic. On top of this I strongly advise students to not do twenty of the same questions. I'm a great believer 1-3 max on the same level and style question should identify if you  get it and can move onto the next level/topic or if you need to seek help in the form of your teacher, textbook or online resources. See the skill review pages for Algebra, Data, Geometry and Number for questions. 

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Data Handling

Every child should have access to a good education, tailored to their individual needs.I have tried to supply a range of resources to support teachers in developing students to achieve their full potentail. 

Data Handling Topics and Resources

TopicsWorksheetsHomeworksSkill ReviewsExam QuestionsOther
Probability of an Event Homework Exam Questions 
Probability of Not an Event Homework Exam Questions 
Expected Probability   Exam Questions 
Relative Probability   Exam Questions 
Sample Space Diagrams   Exam Questions 
Freqency Trees  Skill Review  
Probability Tree - Independent Events  Skill ReviewExam Questions 
Probability Tree - Dependent Events  Skill ReviewExam Questions 
Venn Diagram - Shading  Skill ReviewExam Questions 
Venn Diagram - Set Notation  Skill Review  
Venn Diagram - Probability  Skill ReviewExam Questions 
AveragesWorksheet  Exam Questions 
Reverse Averages   Exam Questions 
Averages from a TableWorksheet  Ungrouped
Mean from a TableWorksheet  Ungrouped
Murder Mystery
Pictograms    Revision
Tallys and Charts   Exam QuestionsRevision
Two Way Tables     
Pie Charts    Revision
Exam DOH
Scatter Graphs     
Frequency polygons     
Cumulative FrequencyWorksheet  Exam Questions 
Box PlotsWorksheet  Exam Questions 
Histograms - DrawingWorksheet  Exam Questions 
Histograms - interpretingWorksheet  Exam Questions 


Quick Wits Revision

Retention of knowledge activities great for GCSE revision or starters in lessons.

Revision Mats

A slightly different take on the Quick Wits these revision mats are designed to help students progress through a topic area with pace, for example angles. They were originally designed for F/E/D students aiming for a grade C.


Every child should have access to a good education, tailored to their individual needs.  I have tried to supply a range of resources to support teachers in developing students to achieve their full potentail. 

Number Topics And Resources

TopicsWorksheetsHomeworksSkill ReviewsOther
Addition and Subtraction    
Multiplication and Division    
Using a Calculator    
Money Problems    
Number Facts    
Order of OperationsWorksheet   
HCF and LCM Homework  
Working with Decimals  Skill Review 
Ordering Negative and Decimal Numbers   Exam DOH
Rounding Whole Numbers    
Rounding Decimal Places    
Rounding Significant FiguresWorksheet   
Truncation  Skill Review 
Estimation  Skill Review 
Error Intervals  Skill Review 
Bounds  Skill Review 
Calculating With Bounds  Skill Review 
Inequalities  Skill Review 
Laws of IndicesWorksheet   
Standard Form  Skill Review 
Fractional and Negative Indices    
Calculating with SurdsWorksheet   
Rationalising SurdsWorksheet   
Problem Solving with Surds    
Shading Fractions    
Addition and Subtraction of FractionsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Multiplying and Dividing FractionsWorksheet Skill Review 
Fractions of Amounts    
Fractions, Decimals and PercentagesWorksheet  Exam DOH 1
Exam DOH 2
Recurring Decimals    
Percentages of Amounts  Skill Review
Percentage Increase and DecreaseWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review
Percentage Change  Skill Review 
Compound InterestWorksheet Skill Review 
Reverse Percentages  Skill Review 
Best Buy   Functional Questions
Exhange Rates    
Ratio Homework  
Direct Proportion  Skill Review 
Inverse Proportion  Skill Review 
Conversion GraphsWorksheet   
Speed, Distance and Time    
Gradient as a Rate of ChangeWorksheet Skill Review 
Area Underneath a CurveWorksheet Skill Review 


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