Writing Weigh-In

Writing Weigh in essay Numeracy curriculum

The writing weigh is designed to tackle students understanding of weight as well as helping them apply VCOP to improve their extended writing, essays and compare and contrast skills. This activity also gives students a chance to practise their addition skills.

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Subject Tip Mats

I have spent time creating Numeracy4All mats on the topics I feel appear across the curriculum on a regular basis. Apologies if I missed any. 
I have split the mats into the maths categories students will recognise. 

  • Number 
  • Shape, Space and Measure
  • Algebra 
  • Data Handling

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Measure of Success

I designed ‘Measure of Success’ as way of rewarding students. Within my school we have a policy to give out 3 achievement points per lesson and it is often hard to decide who to give these achievement points to. Often when students gain the achievement points they are not entirely sure what they are getting them for, or teachers forget to reward them. So, last year I started handing out stars when students gained achievement points during the lesson and at the end I would collect the stars back in and enter the names in Sims.


Grid Lock Questioning Grids

Questioning Grids are an idea I've seen used by a teacher within my old school. Its an Idea I liked very much as it brought together grid reading, probability and if a teacher really wanted to talk about it sample space diagrams. The idea is a student rolls two dice then answers the question on the grid. I also saw the said teacher using this methods with subject specialist key words and the student had to try and fit the word into an appropriate sentence. The grid looks like this. 


Thermometer of Understanding

Students have to think about directed numbers, (positive and negative numbers), in relation to their learning within the lesson. This method allows all students and particularly the students who aren't 100%, but are better than the amber they always put, to identify and distinguish between their understanding of topics more accurately.

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Danielle Bartram

Maths Lead Practitioner

Acklam Grange School