PiXL Maths APP

PiXL maths app guide

APP for andriod and apple devices avaialable.

The PiXl Maths App is designed around the concept of PLC’s, students identify and work on their own personal areas for development. My class have the slogan “Going Green”, yes this links to recycling campaigns but it also links to what the students need to do. They need to become successful at the skills they aren’t so good at.

I continually tell my students

Don’t be afraid of improving slowly. Be afraid of standing still

This mantra is starting to pay off students are slowly raising the bar of their own expectations each time they achieve and the PiXL app is helping to make these small improvements notable for the students.

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Takeaway Free Tech from BETT

BETT Technology takeaway apps

I had heard great things about the BETT show but often things don’t live up to the full expectations however one word that describes BETT is WOW. It is the one of the largest educational technology road shows in the world. Companies spend literally thousands on a stand and then even more on designing and creating some of the amazing stalls the place was aesthetically amazing. Often places can look too good to be true, as a classroom teacher I wasn’t the person with the purse going to spend lots of money at BETT. I was a teacher looking for ideas and ways in which to improve what I already have to support my students more. I was in luck and found out many useful and exciting ideas from discussions with companies and people.

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Free Tech Top five

Free educational technology apps and websites

Technology and Apps are starting to exist by the shed load and it can be extremely difficult deciphering the wheat from the chaff so to speak. In the last half term in my new job I discovered the school has 60 iPads we could request. (Shh don’t tell anyone at the school otherwise they will be fully booked.) Upon this discovery though I started to explore and asked twitter people for advice mainly @ICTEvangelist, who if you don’t follow already you need to. If there’s a decent app out there or new piece of technology this amazing man knows about it.

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Matific Tech Review

Website: www.matific.com
Twitter: @MatificUK 
APP for andriod and apple devices available. 

I’ve been on the search for the past couple of years for a software that I could use within in a secondary environment to really engage the disengaged students and allow them to see abstract concepts pictorially. The software I have found is ideal for mainly primary use, but also secondary with the lower KS3 year groups.  Students often struggle to understand the reasons behind the mathematics concepts they have been asked to complete, so it is little wonder that many students don’t remember the methods. Matific's slogan is to "Bringing back the 'AHA' moments".

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“Miss B is always coming up with great new ideas. I have been delighted to work with her on linking numeracy and literacy”

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Simon Blower
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Mark Anderson
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Jon Tait
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