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As many of my followers are aware, I said goodbye to my old school at the start of the Holidays. I am moving to join @TeamTait amongst others at Acklam Grange School as Maths Lead Practitioner. I have to say this is a big opportunity I am really excited about, (Literally I’ve been chomping at the bit to get started, 3 days to go *jumps up and down excitedly*). I’d kept my eyes open for a while for the next step in my career, though making the decision to move schools was not undertaken lightly. It feels like going off to university all over again, but maybe part of my attachment issue is because the school I've just left was the school I went to as child.


So what is this post for other than a personal reflection? Well it’s to remind people change is good, we as teachers are continually learning. If a teacher ever believes they know everything about teaching and don’t need to learn anymore, then they need to look closely at themselves. With the global economy and technology forever changing we need to improve, advance and drive our students forward through these changes; thus the need to continual learn and develop our own knowledge and practice.

As teachers we need to take leaps of faith and risks, many of us do this in the classroom on a daily basis. We often challenge our students but we need to make sure we don’t forget to challenge ourselves. So how did I prepare for this change and how do I continually challenge myself?

The easy answer make sure I’m rarely in my comfort zone, although every now and then I do back off and take some ‘me’ time. I’m doing, as @SeahamRE keeps saying, a mini tour of England by attending teaching and learning events, mainly teach meets, around the country. This scale I know isn’t feasible for all but I would suggest attempting to attend at least one teach meet in your local area. A large proportion of teach meet events are advertised here www.teachmeet.pbworks.com

Teach meets have had a massive impact on my career and classroom practice. I generally take away 2-3 practical ideas and spins on old ideas to use within my classroom. The biggest thing I take away from events though is the enthusiasm and motivation I see in so many teachers. These are gatherings of teachers who want to improve their practice and will openly discuss successes and failures. It is inspiring going to these events and seeing so many teachers give up their own time to for the benefit of their students.

My message to take away is to be prepared for change and always challenge yourself. Never give up or lose sight of why we became teachers.

On a side note

I know a few of my students have invariably stumbled across my site and blog over time. I would like to take a moment to say thank you to them for being such wonderful students to teach. I learnt a lot from you in my time at the school and wouldn’t be where I am now without you, the students, receptiveness to learning. Thank you very much for all the cards and presents, but maybe not so much for making me cry, several times over!

Miss B

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