Geometry Skill Review

Bronze, silver and gold tasks for the end of a module or revision. These resources are to be used as an aid to review skills, see how far you can get within an appropriate time limit. (10 - 20 minutes usually)

Missing Angles
Angles inside Triangles
Angles on Parallel Lines
Angles in Polygons
Perimeter and Area
Volume of a Cuboid
Volume of a Prism
Volume of a Cone and Pyramid
Volume and Surface Area of a Sphere
Pythagoras' Theorem
Column Vectors

Geometry Homework

@DIRT_expert and @MathsJem recently introduced to PRET style homework's. PRET stands for Practise, Recall, Extend and Think. The homeworks are designed to challenge students as well as support them with knowledge gained from lessons. My versions can be seen below, if I don't have what you need more can be found at PretHomework.

Angles Inside a Polygon

Angles Inside a Triangle

Angles Overview


Every child should have access to a good education, tailored to their individual needs.  I have tried to supply a range of resources to support teachers in developing students to achieve their full potentail. 

Geometry Topics and Resources

TopicsWorksheetsHomeworksSkill ReviewsOther
Identifying Shapes    
Nets of Shapes    
Plans and Elevations    
Problem Solving Perimeter, Area & Volume   Revision Clock
PerimeterWorksheet Skill Review 
Area of a RectangleWorksheet Skill Review 
Area of a TriangleWorksheet   
Area of Parallelograms   Exam DOH
Area of a Trapezium   Exam DOH
Area of a CircleWorksheet Skill Review 
Area of a Sector    
Circumference of a CirlceWorksheet Skill Review 
Arc Length of a Sector    
Volume of CuboidsWorksheet Skill Review 
Volume of a PrismWorksheet Skill Review 
Volume of a Cylinder    
Volume of a Cone and Pyramid  Skill Review 
Volume of a Sphere  Skill Review 
Surface Area of a Cuboid    
Surface Area of a Prisms    
Surface Area of a Cylinder    
Surface Area of a Cone and Pyramid    
Surface area of a Sphere  Skill Review 
Pythagoras' TheoremWorksheet Skill Review 
3D Pythagoras'    
Compound Measures    
Trigonometric Values and Graphs    
Trigonometry - Right Angled TrianglesWorksheet   
Trigonometry - Sine RuleWorksheet   
Trigonometry - Cosine RuleWorksheet   
Trigonometry - Area of a Triangle    
Trigonometry - 3D Problems    
Types of Angles    
Anlges on Straight Lines & Around a PointWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Angles Inside a TriangleWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Angles Inside a Quadrilateral    
Angles inside Polygons HomeworkSkill Review 
Angles on Parallel Lines HomeworkSkill Review 
Algebra AnglesWorksheet   
Circle Theorems    
Loci and ConstructionWorksheet   
Similarity and Congruence    
Similar Shapes Length, Area & Volume    
Column Vectors  Skill Review 
Vectors  Skill Review 
Timetables & Distance Tables    
Distance Time Graphs    


Geometry Worksheets

I have developed my own style of differentiated worksheets for lessons, which was inspired by PRET Homework style introduced to me by @DIRT_expert.

Area of a Rectangle


Area of a Triangle

Area of a Circle

Circumference of a Circle

Volume of a Cuboid

Volume of a Triangular Prism

Pythagoras Theorem


Sine Rule

Cosine Rule

Angles on a Straight Line and Around a Point

Angles Inside a Triangle


Angle Skills - Forming and Solving Eq

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Maths Lead Practitioner

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