Guest Blog: 'What do you notice?'

Problem solving consecutive numbers
Guest Blog By Bryn LLewellyn

Back in the day when I was a young primary teacher, I used various apparatus to help children develop a greater understanding of numbers and the number system. Armed with boxes of counters, Diennes, cuisenaire rods, multi-link, multi-bond, number lines and 100 squares, I would create problems to be solved and investigations to be erm, investigated.

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Flipping the Learning

Flipped learning within a classroom is something I have been interested in for quite some time. Two years ago as part of a working trio at my old school we decided that flipped learning was a common interest amongst ourselves and we decided to explore its effectiveness and benefit within different subject areas.

Our three subject areas were an eclectic mix of mathematics, computing and science. We met a few times to discuss differing methods in which we could deliver flipped learning and each decided a different route.

Science - Asking students to watch specific video clips from the web.

Computing - Making and designing a mini class website where tasks and videos were uploaded allowing students to interact.

Mathematics – Testing the impact of using video clips designed by myself vs those already available on the internet.

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Matific Tech Review

Website: www.matific.com
Twitter: @MatificUK 
APP for andriod and apple devices available. 

I’ve been on the search for the past couple of years for a software that I could use within in a secondary environment to really engage the disengaged students and allow them to see abstract concepts pictorially. The software I have found is ideal for mainly primary use, but also secondary with the lower KS3 year groups.  Students often struggle to understand the reasons behind the mathematics concepts they have been asked to complete, so it is little wonder that many students don’t remember the methods. Matific's slogan is to "Bringing back the 'AHA' moments".

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Takeaway Free Tech from BETT

BETT Technology takeaway apps

I had heard great things about the BETT show but often things don’t live up to the full expectations however one word that describes BETT is WOW. It is the one of the largest educational technology road shows in the world. Companies spend literally thousands on a stand and then even more on designing and creating some of the amazing stalls the place was aesthetically amazing. Often places can look too good to be true, as a classroom teacher I wasn’t the person with the purse going to spend lots of money at BETT. I was a teacher looking for ideas and ways in which to improve what I already have to support my students more. I was in luck and found out many useful and exciting ideas from discussions with companies and people.

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New Year Reflections

 I often get asked how I do it, go to all these conferences and events, create and share resources and be a full time teacher teaching approximately 20 lessons a week. I often pass it off with I’m just organised and used to being busy. Though, this is the case for example during my PGCE year in order to be able to afford it I worked full time on evenings and weekends 30+ hours as the assistant manager of a pool hall. However, recently I have taken a step back and have looked closely at both my motives for commitment to education and being a teacher but also how do I really manage to balance it all and have a work life balance.

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