Writing Weigh-In

Writing Weigh in essay Numeracy curriculum

The writing weigh is designed to tackle students understanding of weight as well as helping them apply VCOP to improve their extended writing, essays and compare and contrast skills. This activity also gives students a chance to practise their addition skills.

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DIRT Resources

DIRT maths question bank marking and feedback

Created by teachers for teachers, to help improve the work life balance and also the consistent quality of feedback our students receive. With an aim to be a continuously evolving document. Please contribute to the DIRT Bank simply by emailing the DIRT question(s) you’ve created and your name/twitter handle to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will update the bank weekly.

DIRT - Dedicated/Directed Improvement Reflection Time

This Bank provides DIRT Questions for many mathematcal topic areas, with a structured response to a question, and also questions to complete independently on each topic. The bank aims to provide students with a consitent high level style of effective feedback and DIRT time, as well as providing the teacher with work life balance, aiming to prevent teachers in every school duplicating each others work.  I will be blogging about it here, on how this looks within the classroom this weekend. This is a system I have developed over two years and I believe is now at a stage of sharing. Please help myself and other teachers by writing just one or even two questions on topics you have noticed is missing. 

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Maths Murder Mystery II

Inequalities maths murder mystery investigation

In order to help develop my students problem solving skills I created a second murder mystery, my first murder mystery can be found here. Students were tasked in the first ten minutes of the lesson to practise their graph drawing skills and then discussing what the regions either side of the line represented. As a class we had a group discussion after think, pair, share and discovered how to shade regional inequalities. It was great to be able to allow the students to discover these facts for themselves using their previous mathematical knowledge. 

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Planning Ahead

Plan ahead mind mapping maths lessons

When planning for a new topic it's important to look at the bigger picture and the journey you may want to take your class on with a topic. I say may because more often than not our best laid plans change and for good reason, however being aware of what they may change to makes it easier to manage. Personally, to do this I used to make lists and sub list of list which then had their own sub lists, as you can see I found this helpful but it sometimes got confusing. Michelle Dunning who is at Acklam Grange School as KS4 lead in maths introduced me to using mind maps to help plan out a topic. This soon speed up my process and helped the connections make sense.

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PiXL Maths APP

PiXL maths app guide

APP for andriod and apple devices avaialable.

The PiXl Maths App is designed around the concept of PLC’s, students identify and work on their own personal areas for development. My class have the slogan “Going Green”, yes this links to recycling campaigns but it also links to what the students need to do. They need to become successful at the skills they aren’t so good at.

I continually tell my students

Don’t be afraid of improving slowly. Be afraid of standing still

This mantra is starting to pay off students are slowly raising the bar of their own expectations each time they achieve and the PiXL app is helping to make these small improvements notable for the students.

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